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Try our new ePub edition of AA Grapevine magazine

The ePub edition replaces the old Grapevine APP. We hope you find it a valuable tool for sobriety.

Try our new ePub edition of AA Grapevine magazine.

The ePub edition replaces the old Grapevine APP. It’s user-friendly and we hope you find it a valuable tool for sobriety. Here are some of the features you’ll find:

24/7 access: Readable on all computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.
A downloadable audio file of each issue so you can listen to every story, every month.
Downloadable PDF of each issue for offline reading access.
Archive access to all 2020 issues.
E-mail notification when a new issue is ready with a link to the site.

Our Stories Disclose Pre-Sale Order Info

Submit online pre-orders or download the PDF version of the order form
for the 3rd edition of Our Stories Disclose from the Area 72 website.

Link: Our Stories Disclose 3rd Edition

The estimated date for publishing is Q4 2022.