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Notice, in person meetings and events are all currently being held virtually until WA State governances on Covid-19 restrictions are lifted when pandemic control is achieved.

Due to continued local cases of COVID-19 and congregation closures, AA meetings and events are no longer able to occur in person but ARE being held virtually. Go to the online meeting link to find your meeting.

If you are not serviced by an intergroup or service office, please email

The General Service Office has released a statement about COVID-19. The link to the statement is below:
Update on COVID-19 (Coronavirus) from GSO

Find an online meeting with this link: Online Meetings from Area 72 Meeting Guide Listings

Group Reopening Form

This form is for groups that are currently listed as “Location Temporary Closed” or “Online Meeting” and is now or soon will be restarting in-person meetings.

Upcoming Event Links (from AREA 72 events section)

PI/CPC Quarterly – February 2021

DCM University: Course 201 – Beyond Area & General Service Conference

Archives Quarterly – February 2021

Grapevine and Literature Quarterly – February 2021

GSR University: GSR Course 201 – Beyond Area & General Service Conference

Western WA high level calendar overview

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